Soap making is a fun and exciting hobby, full of trial and tribulations! When you create soap you are creating art, each one is different, never the same. An addicting hobby.... once you get started all you think about is what kind of soap to make next. This blog is about my soaping experience please enjoy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Holy Moly! I’ve been away from here ! Sorry folks!

Well I had someone ask me if I had a blog. Well I do. And I kind of gave up on it. Why. Because I found no one was reading it, lol. But now that I’ve been asked I checked and my blog is still here. We have come along way since we started soaping in 2010.!

I’m still soaping, I’m also helping others learning to soap and I’m also in many soap making groups where we share our creations and techniques with each other, it’s great!

My go to for learning how to Soap was YouTube. Crystal Starr from Starr Soaps, favourite you tuber and now one of my very close friends. Which I’m so honoured. Royalty Soaps, still watch her and jealous. Katie is so talented, but I watch and learn still. Soaping 101 can’t get enough. I have watched over and over again and love this YouTube for referencing back to almost anything you need to know. There are so many videos you can watch but these are my go to ones,

I’m in progress of trying to become organically certified for my organic soaps as I think it’s important for my soap line of organic. I’m in the process of renovating my basement to finally have my own studio space, and I am continuing to do vendor and craft markets in my region. I am proud to say I have a bit of a following now. How nice that so many people have supported me for this long. 8 years and a few months!

Soaping is my passion if I can’t Soap I go crazy lol it’s that addicting to me.

You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook Pages, Etsy, Square. I will post all my links so you can find me there and I promise to blog again and not let this fall to the wayside. I was looking at my stats here and since I started this blog I have had over 35,000 views. That’s crazy! How awesome! So,there that’s my quick update and I’ll leave you with this, some photos of my most recent soaps http://etsy.me/2G3Su15

Monday, May 23, 2016

Coconut Bones

Wheat free dog treat! Our most popular yet made with chickpea, coconut flour, coconut milk, shredded unsweetened coconut. My dog loves them! 

Wild West

Leather scented! Wild West Soap.  Made for the Cambrian players! And we had some left over for Father's Day too! Great gifts! 

Long time no see

Visit canine candies on Facebook and at simple site.comPup Nuts, doggy donut with tumeric! 
Canine Candies, natural handmade dog treats! Our new adventure. For finicky dogs and cats too! 
I haven't blogged for awhile now. It's sometimes a daunting thing to sit here and write about everything we do here at Natures Touch.  Plus I've had a lot going on with personal life.  My daughter moved back from Calgary and had to set her up in a new apartment, my son moved to a new place had to get him set up too! I've been busy making soap, and doing some markets as well as starting a new adventure with my daughter making natural dog treats. 
Bug B Gone Salve. Citronella and Jaoenese Lemon pack this with bug deterrent! I wouldn't camp with out it!

Back again by popular demand is our Bug B Gone repellant and soap, 
Who says Bug repellant can't be pretty? 
Our Bug B Gone salve! With Jaoenese lemon and citronella you wouldn't want to camp with out it! Me anyways.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wisteria Lilac

I made this soap last year pretty much the same time as now.  With spring upon us and snow melting, one of the first things we think of (in the north anyways) are flowers in bloom.  My grandmother had Lilac trees in her yard and the smell of them reminds me of her.  A reminder to me of my childhood.  My grandma Dagmar, always had these in a vase on her dining room table.  So delicate and perfumey. As a soaper, and all of us soapers do this, dedicate soaps to things that inspire, remind, and vision. This one is for Dagmar, my grandmother. Sweet and delicate and strong! Made with olive, coconut, sustainable organic palm, shea butter, purple vibrance mica and snowflake mica from Nuture's Soap Supply, white titanium dioxide, body safe glitter, distill water, sodium hydroxide. Enjoy 
Beautiful! And smells so delish! Wisteria Lilac.  It looks like a piece of amethyst! A gem of a soap. Just like my grandma. Xxxooo Thank you for stopping by the soap kitchen once again. Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Olive Oil infused soap Down Under

Last fall I had herbs growing in my garden, that I planted just for this..... Soap. In a large jar I placed lemon thyme, rosemary, lavender, spearmint leaves.  I then poured olive oil over all the cuttings, and let it sit all winter I kept it in a cool dark place gave time shake now and then and today, 5 months later, I strained it.  It smells wonderful, like sweet spearmint.  I also love the fact that it's natural. And it was super dark green! After straining it I added my other oils from a recipe I found online for an olive oil soap.  This recipe was simple. Olive, coconut, palm, distill water, sodium hydroxide. I added Shea butter to it also.
Yesterday I visited one of my favourite thrift shops and squeeled with delight when I found two, silicone bread molds. 3$ each! Yahoo! Lucky lucky find.  And look in that photo there, they have ripples, now how soaperiffic is that! Squee! As I was looking at these molds I thought ok the bottom would be the top so I'm going to have to build a soap upside down so to speak. Lol! Then it dawned on me to make a soap "down under".  So what is Australian or New Zeland ish? Eucalyptus for one and I thought a perfect match with the spearmint scent of my infused olive oil. I went through my micas and picked out what I thought would be perfect for a down under tropical soap and looking at them above I am pretty happy with those colours. China jade, green vibrance, gold shimmer, white TD. Blending them in sweet almond oil, I brushed the bottom of the soap mold. Then sprinkled iridescent body safe glitter.  Mixed my oils of infused olive, coconut, palm, shea butter, with distilled water, sodium hydroxide. Adding eucalyptus essential oil only to the white TD portion of the soap batter. Left the other colours naturally scented.  I poured the soap on one side of the mold alternating them.
           Love that gold,shimmer mica in there, 
Then I took a plastic fork and ran that through.  On the top I took the handle of the fork and fanned the soap to look like leaves. I love how that's looking too!
It smells amazing.  I can't wait to cut it up and reveal the inside. The green on here is so beautiful.  Great way to break the monotony of recouping from hand surgery.  I am getting back to normal and to make soap, yah I'm getting better. Come back and check out the results! Thanks for always stopping by my soap kitchen
 Update on this soap it's amazing! Smells beautiful, Looks beautiful! Check it out
Love.  Thanks for coming back